The Ultimate Guide to Shin Splints

When your legs can't run anymore, run with your heart. It feels like half the runners I come in contact with have shin splint complaints. Now I'm not a physical therapist but what most of you don't know is I have a degree in health, exercise, and sports science and worked as a physical therapy… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Shin Splints


10 Tips to Recover After a Race

Anyone can work hard. The best have the discipline to recover. After just finishing a marathon all I could think about was when I could run again. We are so used to running and training for a race that the thought of taking time off is scary.  Recovery should be our number one priority though… Continue reading 10 Tips to Recover After a Race

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Essence 10 Review! (and giveaway)

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself" In high hopes of spring coming, I'm getting all sorts of prepped ... starting with hydration. Drinking water and staying hydrated is more important than what color Balegas to wear on my run, as much as I deny my #RunMatchy obsession. Let's talk about Essence pH10 water! I… Continue reading Essence 10 Review! (and giveaway)