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Always on the Run

I discovered early that running always made me feel powerful, free and fearless.

It’s official, HELLO SUMMER!

This summer is about to be one for the books. Where to even start?

Started training for the Erie Marathon again…88 days y’all. My grumps turned 90 so family reunion is in a few weeks to celebrate…which I am super excited about seeing all my family. I am traveling to Ireland in July with Saucony to run across the country. Eeee!! AND I’ll be waking up the last day in Ireland for my 26th birthday!

Now I feel like you’re all caught up in the action of my summer plans!

In between all of this hustle and bustle, moving from run to workout to work to recovery and sleep, and adding in all this traveling…grab and go snacks have been life savers. Can anyone relate?

I feel like I’m non-stop some days and hopped on these brand NEW Quest Bars first chance I had.

With flavors like blueberry cobbler, vanilla caramel, and chocolate caramel pecan, there’s something for every taste bud. My personal fave? Blueberry cobbler. Soo good!! They range from 15-17 grams of protein, getting me through my busy days!

I was convinced I was eating a candy bar when I first tried them. They have a gooey filling on top of a crunchy cereal bar covered in a sweet chocolatey coating. Yeah…that good.  A little fun fact that I liked was that these bars use a rare found sugar called “allulose” that comes from nature and found in foods like raisins and figs.  Also, allulose is virtually calorie-free without all the guilt! Boom.

Click here to check out the NEW Hero Quest Bars!

Having snacks prepared keeps you on track! I’m so excited for my summer plans that I don’t want anything to throw off my training plans too!

Do you have any big summer plans? What is your go-to snack??  

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