I Was Once A Beginner

I hated running.

I hated runners.

And I hated every dang lap around my 2 acre yard my dado made me run as a punishment.

I remember my first week of cross country practice. I walked when no one was watching. I was only there because I didn’t make the volleyball team.

I was once a beginner. 14 years ago.

Since then , I’ve lost a job. I’ve lost friends. I’ve fought with family. I’ve had a coach die. I’ve lost scholarship money. I’ve been broke. And I’ve been broken hearted.

You know what got me through? Running.

But I learned what it’s like to experience life.

I learned what happens if you go for something and it doesn’t work out.

Or maybe it does.

And maybe you’re life changes.

And you’re this person.

A person who is a stronger, happier, and better version of yourself because you tried.

You tried something that brought you here.

And here is exactly where you were meant to be.

I guess what I’m saying is that the first day of something new, you might kick dirt, be nervous, even scared because of the unknown.

But 14 years later it could be the best thing that’s ever gone so wrong and ended up so right.

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