Regret Less, Live More. 2018.

You don’t get to choose your passion; it pours from your heart.

When was the last time you got to a starting line and regretted running so many miles? Or when was the last time you regretted eating healthy? Or working out? Or reading that article you wanted to read? Or taking that day trip? Or connecting with somebody?

I don’t know about you, but that’s not me. Much less living life with regret but for me its usually the opposite. I wish I had ran more, I wish I ate healthier, I wish I worked out smarter, connected more, and read more, and traveled more.

As a new year begins we are all sitting down and making lists. We are reflecting. We think about where we want our futures to take us.  We think about the changes we want to make.  I am sitting here right now looking at a blank page.

You see, I could put that I want to lose weight. That I want to broaden my cooking skills. That I want to go visit new places. I could put that I want to write more. That I want to make new friends. And yes, even earn another Boston Marathon qualifier.

But how many years in a row have I put those things down?

A resolution is something you decide to firmly do or not do. A resolution is taking action. So go resolution-list your heart out. Go at it. Writing it down is the first step anyways.

But, the second you hit January 20th, you better still be taking action. On July 1st you better still be staring at that list with a plan written under it.

A resolution should not be a check mark. It shouldn’t be an end.

I want to get comfortable saying “yes”. I want to invest in the one life I do have. I want to stop wishing and start doing. Keep living the good life. And I’m sure you do too.

So what I have written on my paper is JUMP.

Jump with 2 feet, eyes closed, and arms wide open.

Jump into the unknown. Jump out of my comfort zone.

Jump over the hump. Jump higher than I’ve ever jumped before.

And jump because, what’s the point of keeping your feet planted on the ground?

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