Welcome back…


Conditions are never perfect.

Something I’ve learned standing on the starting lines of so many races.

Something I’ve learned through this past year more than I care to admit.

& something I’m learning as we speak, opening up this forgotten site, hitting “write”, and finally sitting down to hopefully remember my words I came to say.

It’s been awhile.

2019 (so far) – stopped running, started running again, ran a few PRs, became a Brooks Running ambassador, got my RRCA coaching certification, qualified for Boston, ran a Ragnar, bought a house with Q, moved into house, and so much more.

Through the “imperfect” seasons of not running, the almost year of house hunting, and everything else – led to the “imperfectly perfect” season I feel like I’m in today.

I’ve learned through every one of those seasons that you have to be patient but when the opportunity arises you have to act fast. I’ve learned that even though the conditions are never perfect, the moment is.

I remember being at mile 22 of my last marathon. That moment when my legs hurt so bad, I thought there was no way I’d make it through. Somehow it was one of those moments that you knew you’d miss before it was even over.

So the biggest thing I’ve learned this year is to enjoy every season. I’ve learned to take a last minute essay winning entry to the first marathon I’ve ran in over 2 years, that putting a bid on your dream house in less than an hour is scary but so worth it, and that opening up your blog for the first time in a year brings you back to the exact moment you started it.

All required action in a minute, but have changed my life forever.

I’m back and ready for some good stuff.




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