5 Gifts To Really Treat Your Favorite Runner This Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I still have people asking me what they should get their friend or sister that runs.

I thought that we, as girls, were easy to buy for. For example, we never have anything to wear and our closets are boring. Like hello, get us more clothes.  Or as a runner, I need the same shoes every 4 months. Easy peasy, I wear a size 11. Just sayin.

So since those were so simple even my dad could have thought of them, I’m here to give you the not so obvious Christmas gift ideas! Plus, you can shop for these right from your couch. Any runner would love these!

1.  Mercury Mile

Imagine giving your runner the gift of a personal stylist and a box full of clothes. Gold. Your runner will be able to set up a profile, their own stylist assigned to them, and then a box of goodies will be sent right to their front door. They’ll be so happy you gifted them with the greatest runners shopping experience instead of buying them something they wouldn’t wear. Win-win.

Use code: AUDD13for a discount.

2.  Bella Beau Wall Art

Girls have Pinterest. We love wooden signs and we love quotes. You’re welcome.

So put the two faves together and get your runner some wall art to keep them inspired, put next to their bibs, or hang in the workout room.

Use code: AUDD13for a discount.

3. Caterpy Laces

This is the under $10, cherry on top, stocking stuffer gift.  It is a no-tie shoe lace that finally lets you customize the tension.  It is comfortable, flexible, and if your runner is looking at triathlons… they will thank you a million times over for finding this gift for them that will dramatically cut their transition time down.

Use code:SPRINGER17for a discount.

4. WearSafe

I think that every boyfriend/husband/your own mother, gets nervous and uneasy when their runner goes out for a run by themselves.  This Wearsafe pod was made to alert you and whoever else the runner chooses of her location if anything were to happen.

We can’t just run ourselves out of every situation, help keep your runner a little safer.

Use code:RUNNINGTHEALLEYfor a discount.

5. Balega Socks

Name me a runner that says they have enough blister resistant socks. I’ll wait.

I mean I’m still wearing the first pair I’ve every owned, and someone gifted those to me.

What didn’t make my top 5:

– ANYTHING from Sarah Marie Design Studio

Oomg Oofos recovery shoes

– Maurten: let your runner drink what the marathon winners drink

-A new Garmin because we wouldn’t say no

-hydration backpack/handheld/belt or a flipbelt

-A race entry

-A run log (my fave: The Believe journal)

-Trail shoes…or is this just me.

Let me know if you have any questions on these products!! I’m more than happy to help! Happy Shopping!

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