Expert Status

The other day I had a friend text me about a race because I was the “expert”.

But I’m…

▪️Hardly an expert when I’m coached by a man with 30+ marathons.

▪️ Hardly an expert when I’ve been working at a running store that’s been open for 20+ years.                                                                                                                                                              ▪️Hardly an expert when I’ve only “blown up” once at a big race.

▪️Hardly an expert in this Instagram world.

But I am an expert in defeat…

▪️I’ve seen pacers with my goal time pass me in a marathon

▪️ I’ve been 3 seconds away from qualifying for a state meet

▪️ I know what it’s like to be 2nd and even last

▪️ I know what it’s like to be injured, overtrained, undertrained, and all things in between

▪️ I’ve quit, dropped out, fallen face first

BUT I’ve…

Felt the spine tingling stuff.  I’ve felt the highs higher than I could have ever imagined. I’ve made dreams come true that I never thought had a chance. And all these defeats make me an expert in the comebacks. The stuff that makes me normal with a kickass work ethic. It makes me dream that much more. Work that much harder. 💗

Be the expert. Embrace the hard times. Live up the good ones. And continue to learn and live and have people that remind you of what you’ve learned and have people that remind you of what you still have to learn.



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