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Don’t let this stop you. Period.


All those who have been victimized by Aunt Flo marathon week, raise your hand.

I swear I have the worst luck. It’s every. single. time.

I’m over the “why me” phase and on to the “try me” because 4 marathon’s later it’s still my lucky time of the month on race day.

Own it, my little Period Boss.


Here are my tips to not let your period stop you from performing:

  1. Don’t stop exercising: this is a must! You know you’d “rather be running” anyways, so don’t let this stop you!! I know what you’re thinking. You’re cramping, irritable, ect…but exercising and running increases your blood flow… and girl, you need those endorphins. Trust me, you’ll feel better.


2. Keep a journalrecord everything and you can reference when your last period was so you can anticipate when the next one is coming. Write down how you feel each day and what helps alleviate your symptoms. I know I run better on day 2 of my period, I have to start drinking more water 5 days out from my period, and I start eating the whole fridge 10 days out. Super random and precise….allll from writing it down for years.


3. Vitamins: Vitamin E for boob bounce pain, Vitamin C for bloating, and well water because you’re body is hot and cramping. Thank me later.


4. U by Kotex Fitness for the win: #FindYourFitness and stop checking for leaks every mile.  Seriously, head to your nearest Walgreens and GET THESE.  I’m a tampon kinda girl and these are durable, compact, and discreet. All of their products rock ( they come in a super cute pouch too, of course I got pink) and I couldn’t survive my monthly flow without them.


U by Kotex Fitness is made for exercise and they are super comfortable.  Periods on the run made easy. I swear. AND coupons are always nice too 🙂

  Need more help? (who knew periods were this fun) Find your period fitness style now!



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