Regret Less, Live More. 2018.

You don't get to choose your passion; it pours from your heart. When was the last time you got to a starting line and regretted running so many miles? Or when was the last time you regretted eating healthy? Or working out? Or reading that article you wanted to read? Or taking that day trip? Or connecting with somebody? I… Continue reading Regret Less, Live More. 2018.


3 Self Defense Tips For Runners

This last week I took a short intro self defense demonstration class.  This stemmed from an incident that happened in my town with a runner on the greenway that I frequent. I then asked a large group of runners if they had ever heard of one of their own being attacked on the run and every single one said yes.… Continue reading 3 Self Defense Tips For Runners


5 Gifts To Really Treat Your Favorite Runner This Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I still have people asking me what they should get their friend or sister that runs. I thought that we, as girls, were easy to buy for. For example, we never have anything to wear and our closets are boring. Like hello, get us more clothes.  Or as a runner, I… Continue reading 5 Gifts To Really Treat Your Favorite Runner This Christmas


Expert Status

The other day I had a friend text me about a race because I was the “expert”. But I’m... ▪️Hardly an expert when I’m coached by a man with 30+ marathons. ▪️ Hardly an expert when I’ve been working at a running store that’s been open for 20+ years.                                                                                                                                                              ▪️Hardly an expert when I’ve only “blown… Continue reading Expert Status

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Essence 10 Review! (and giveaway)

"Fall in love with taking care of yourself" In high hopes of spring coming, I'm getting all sorts of prepped ... starting with hydration. Drinking water and staying hydrated is more important than what color Balegas to wear on my run, as much as I deny my #RunMatchy obsession. Let's talk about Essence pH10 water! I… Continue reading Essence 10 Review! (and giveaway)