Stay Alfred Runcation Review

“If you don’t do wild things while you’re young you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.”

I remember the day I boarded my first plane.

I was more nervous than lining up for the race we were even traveling for.

And even after years of traveling by bus for races, this felt different.

This was my first real Runcation.

I’ve only boarded 3 more planes since then, 2 of them being for more races. But my car has more miles on it going to races than I care to admit.

Traveling, living a life of firsts, and experiencing something amazing is one of the best parts of being a runner.

I’m sure you could relate.

This past month I was able to test some Runcation features for Stay Alfred in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’m guilty of bringing my own breakfast, toaster, etc to races because the continental breakfast starts when my race does. I’m also guilty of shoving my sweaty clothes in bags. I think as Runners, we make do.

Staying at Stay Alfred opened my eyes to how much convenience I had been missing out on. There was a full kitchen. There was a washer and dryer. An Alexa by Amazon. The most amazing view. And pretty much anything I could ask for.

I actually felt at ease with how homey the ambience of this hotel was. I was comfortable. Wouldn’t you want to feel this way before a big race?

I took my photog and boyfriend with me and enjoyed a night out at the Predators game (who brought home the W) and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast the next morning.

Of course I got a run in after the south got hit with a big snow storm but the next morning I got my butt kicked by Nashville’s #1 trainer, Derrick Billups. Can you say Techno Gym equipment and a killer workout. Still working on my step ups, I promise 😉

Stay Alfred set the bar far above the rest. I was blown away. I would say this was made for the runner wanting to Runcation in mind but I may be biased.

I would love to share all my Runcation tips on a future post! Let me know if you have any questions about my night with Stay Alfred!! Use code “YOURPLACE” for 10% off our next stay with them!!


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