Fall down 7, Get up 8

I don’t rate myself as a fantastic, talented athlete. I just have perseverance. I’m a cart horse. I work hard.

Fun fact: I played soccer for 9 years.

The last game I ever played was our championship game.

I fell down and twisted my wrist.
It hung there. I teared up. And asked to be pulled out.

I remember my dado storming to the sideline, telling me to get back in the game.
That I could.

I fell…again.
On my wrist…again.

And even though I was put in a hard cast 2 days later,
I learned that no matter how many times you get knocked down,
No matter how much it hurts,
No matter how much you want to quit…

You have a little more in you,
A little more fight,
A little more to give…

Because that might be your last game,
That might be your last shot,
Your last chance to give it your all,

And I am so thankful to have people who believe in that too.
In me too.

Fall down 7, get up 8.

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