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So I run with purpose in every step…

1 Corinthians 9:26

“Why do you run?”

That question has more meaning behind it than any other question you could possibly ask a runner.

If you truly get a runner to tell you why they run, I promise it will be the most heart warming and intimate conversation you might ever have with them. Everyone has a story.

I’m constantly surrounded by incredible people that run for charities that hit home for them, for weight loss or health to live, for the friendships, or to honor someone they love.

I’m so inspired. I’m so humbled to be in their presence.

Runners” is the title that gives us all camaraderie.  It bring us all together.  No matter talent, size, religion, or anything else, we are all Runners. We can all run for something more than ourselves and put it into action together. For this reason I am so proud to be one.

In the past year I have been searching and praying for my calling. For my subtitle as far as the reason I run. I run for those who can’t, for a runner’s body image, for God, for Alzheimer’s, for my sister, and for so much more than myself.  The pages in my notebook overflows with reasons why I pound the pavement everyday.

#RunforSomethingDeeper was born.

It epitomizes my faith in the path I was put on, the love in my heart to run for something more than what I can wrap my head around, and for all those that had running taken from them.

It’s RSD acronym represents the disease that started this journey in the first place.  The severe disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is something my older sister deals with every day.  She’s the root of why I will never take this day to day activity for granted and that no pain will ever amount to the pain she feels regularly.

It’s the belief and trust that this life was given to us to finish their fuel and not let them down. To structure our lives in such a way that helps others. To pray so hard that God gives you what you are capable of and then some not for yourself but for those who couldn’t. And to never let the fear of failure or not being good enough creep in because this isn’t about us out there on the trail. It’s about something bigger.

I hope that you #RunforSomethingDeeper. I hope you can see it in your own running. I hope that it holds as much meaning in your heart that it does in mine. And I hope that you always follow the path you were put on and know that it was made strategically for you.

4 thoughts on “#RunforSomethingDeeper

  1. Just wanted to you to know that I really like your posts. I still run because I love to stay competitive and the competitive nature make me feel positive. I still run to be on a team with others that are as crazy as me lol. I run for my family even though it’s hard for them to understand our runner obsessions but they still support me. This sport has blessed me beyond the miles we run. I can give you one piece of advice from someone who has ran Boston. Start out conservative the first half and that may after you get through the hills of Newton and Heartbreak Hill your legs won’t feel like Jello the last 5 or so going into Downtown. Hope to see you on the trails and keep hitting it.

    1. Love that! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your advice! You’re making people proud all around you and inspiring more people than you know!! Hope to see you out there on the trails! I mean we are bound to run into each other sometime!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I too love to hear people share why they run and I too run for my sister, who can’t. I started really training and racing when her spinal and brain cancer came back with a vengeance in 2001. She went from mobile to completely paralyzed by 2004 and went to be with the Lord that December. This past fall the Columbus Marathon was on her birthday. I ran in her honor. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    1. Wow, Erin, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I love your heart and your sister is your angel watching over you! That’s amazing you ran in honor of her! Just thank you for sharing and keep Running for Something Deeper!!

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