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A Runner’s Christmas

You stumbled on this page because you:

 A. Need to know what to get the runner in your life for Christmas.


B. Are a runner looking for things to add to your list.

These are things that should definitely be added to your Christmas list ASAP.

  1. Lululemon Run For Cold Pullover

So I just got this pullover at my fit session with Lulu (blog post to come) and I am literally OBSESSED. Even obsessed is an understatement and I don’t just think you should add this to your list or buy it for your super loved runner, you have to. It is made with Primaloft active insulation (which totally means your core stays warm while running) and is water repellant with breathing holes (sweat and snow don’t stand a chance).  If there was love found in a pullover it is this.

2. Balega Enduro

Don’t get me wrong, I am a total Hidden Comfort Balega sock lover but I have been getting all the feels from these Enduro’s.  Stocking stuffer, anyone? I rocked these in the summer but the more the temps drop, the more I cover every bit of skin, ankles included. These are the perfect link between your shoes and tights and Balega’s never disappoint on the support and comfort. Must have! (p.s. Balega even has mohair socks…once again, total winners for winter running)

3. Tracer360 by noxgear

A reflective vest that flashes bright pink? Sold. Aside from the fact that safety is SO important, I feel like starting my day wearing this vest on my morning run would be like waking up with a party. Rainproof, 360 degree visibility, and super lightweight, I added this to my Christmas list as soon as I heard about it.

4. Soleus GPS Turbo

Forget all that I have told you, stop what you are doing, and order this watch, yeah you, right now. I have been swooning all over this watch since I got it. Besides the color (I have the teal one with a touch of pink of course), the motivation of “every day is a new run” printed inside, and the fact that I get complimented on it seriously daily, it is a rockstar of a GPS watch. Major note worthy features include:  super fast satellite finder, auto pause, and it syncs with my Strava so I can keep up with my running buddies!

5. Griptight GorillaPod Stand

This one is for shits and giggles. Okay, no I really want this. This tripod hooks on a tree, stands on the ground, and takes picture taking to a new level. I am obsessed with this idea.  Trying to up my photo game and so should you!!

6. Marathoner Hoodie by Sarah Marie Design

Okay so literally ALL of the SMD clothing is worth obsessing over but this hoodie…LOVE. There is something on this website that every runner in your life would be super happy to get as a present! Mens, womens, cards, mugs, ect. Can’t go wrong with a little SMD in your life.

7. Road ID

Life changer…or life saver? My coach got this for me and since that day I haven’t taken it off my wrist.  We can talk safety for days while out there on the run but this is one thing every runner should have!! 100%, hands down, for sure, get the runner in your life for Christmas a gift card to Road ID!

8. Easy … A Race Entry

You’d basically make a runner’s Christmas paying for one of their races! Now a destination race entry…you would hands down win the Christmas gift of all Christmas gifts. Super easy gift. Super happy runner.

What is topping your Christmas list this year?!?!



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