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My Long Distance Relationship

Run with your heart.


I think about love.

How I want to love. How I want to be loved.

And as weird as it sounds to relate love to running, let’s be serious, I can make it relate.

You see, running is hard. Long distance running is even harder. And if we were a relationship status on Facebook it would definitely be listed as, “It’s Complicated.

Some days it absolutely makes me crazy but then it challenges me. Some days it is the only thing in my life that feels right. Some days I have to intentionally make the time for it. But, some days, I build my entire day around it.

Some days it is the closest thing I have to God. Some days it makes me feel like I’m on cloud 9 and I can fly. Some days the hills seem like mountains. And, some days, it makes me doubt every choice I’ve made in my life and it leaves me broken hearted.

Running gives me so much confidence. Running pushes my threshold. Running doesn’t judge and it’s a new start every day.

If it wasn’t so “complicated”, it wouldn’t have any value.

A run can be unpredictable. A run can make you feel so incredibly strong. A run can leave your heart yearning for more.

In running you need to know your goals, passions, and desires. All the crazy dreams you have. Then know how you want to achieve these.

You need to know when to take a step back but know when to fight for what you want.

It’s all about being fully committed. How fast or slow you want the pace to be. It’s about being appreciative that you can wake up every day and run. It’s about putting forth effort to be the best you can be.

And as crazy as it sounds, I want that in love. All of it.

It took time. It still takes time. Running a certain pace or a certain distance takes time to build to.  It takes patience and perseverance. It has taken ups and downs. But I’ve come out with so much wisdom about myself.

For now, I’m so happy to keep running my miles.

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