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Grass Is Greener

Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise.

 Nutrition is hard.

It is one of the biggest parts of being an athlete that I struggle with. If you don’t you’re lying. So everyday I research, I experiment, and I obsess over what I am eating.  Life is rough, I know.

I want to feel amazing every day. Who doesn’t?

Everything needs balance.  It is every aspect of our lives that come together to make us who we are and effect how we reach our goals.  You have to be all in, or not at all.

As an athlete feeling amazing everyday means making sure that your body is getting enough sleep, enough mileage to get to increase for the next weeks, and core/strength work to make you stronger.

It means making sure that your mind is driven, calm, and ready to fight.

But, it most importantly means that you are fueling with the right nutrition to get through the long runs, the hill workouts, and staying lean to be swift.

This last month I was able to try out Protein Superfood by Amazing Grass! This protein rocked because its an all-in-one plant based nutrition shake.  It carries 20 grams of protein, 7 servings of alkalizing greens, and 2 servings of fruits and veggies.

The chocolate peanut butter was absolutely delicious! Hands down best tasting protein I have ever had! I mixed mine with vanilla almond milk after my hill workouts and long runs! Ah-mazing! Normally my stomach can’t handle protein but I digested this product super well! I also liked that I was getting more nutrition than just protein in my shake and all organic! Can’t beat that!


They also sent me an amazing yoga towel, a glass shaker cup with interchangeable lids, and some sample packets for my lucky friends!! Amazing Grass, y’all made my day and running recovery just a little more amazing!!

Note: make sure you mix it/blend it or you’ll be chewing half of your protein clumps.

Y’all use the code 40SWEATPINK2 for 40% off!! (SWEAT PINK YALL.)

4 thoughts on “Grass Is Greener

    1. Are you looking to start running?! 🙂 it depends on your background and how much you can handle! I would start with a timed run. If you can’t run that long do run/walk intervals!

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