What It’s Like Being A Runner in a Non-Running World (1/10)


Hey y’all! 10 days until my second marathon! Thank you to everyone that has been following along in my obsessive running journey!! I truly appreciate it and we are almost there! Eeee!!

I would like to welcome you to the next 10 days of my marathon series! A countdown. A way to clear my mind. A way to avoid running more than should. You get the point.

Trying to stay sane people.

DAY 10!!!

    I think on the first of the series you need to understand the core. Runners are a rare breed.

What It’s Like Being a Runner in a Non-Running World?? …you ask

  1. Why do we run? …well…why do birds fly? why do bunnies hop? To us…it just makes sense. But, seriously why do people ask us this? Some days I swear running has brainwashed me because I can’t make other people understand my love. Oh, well.
  2. 99% chance you think runners are weird. Yes, we are. I admit it. It’s just so crazy that we can entertain ourselves on a twenty mile run without a phone, social media, or sometimes even talking to anyone. Such crazy talk.
  3. I am waving at you while you are driving by to see if you are paying ANY attention to me.  Please don’t hit me. Also, please wave back so I KNOW you see me.
  4. Meeting other people in this world is the most awkward thing ever.  So uncomfortable.  But, the second we find out the person runs they become our best friend. It’s almost a running pact. If you don’t run, do you eat? We can talk about food. I love food.
  5. We actually enjoy going to bed early on a Friday night to get ready for a Saturday long run.  I mean we live for our long runs. Having energy for a long run and feeling on cloud 9 is worth it. Also, can you plan your parties around my running schedule? Cool, thanks.
  6. Let me tell you, it is so fun eating all the carbs. All those gooooood things for your runs.  Keep cutting carbs…how fun is it? (LOL)
  7. It feels damn good to accomplish something that YOU worked hard for. If you haven’t had this feeling I suggest you pick a race to run. Train. And, experience a success first hand.
  8. My only question, can I wear running clothes to whatever you invite me to? No, seriously?
  9. Non-runners don’t know that a 5k is 3.1 miles. So let me clear this up …..                 Half marathon = 13.1…. Marathon =26.2.



Each day in my marathon series I am interviewing someone inspirational.


Today, I want you to meet, Casey.  She is my best friend and running the marathon with me! Holla. She is a full time student, she works, and this is her FIRST marathon.  I am so excited to be sharing this journey with her! Without further adieu …

Audrey: What does determination mean to you?

Casey: Determination is setting a goal, no matter how small, and working hard everyday to feel the satisfaction that comes with succeeding.

 A: What motivates you everyday to work towards your goals?

C: Honestly, when it comes to running, you do! Seeing all of your posts and getting your uplifting and supportive texts keeps me moving and wanting to constantly improve.  When it comes T o other aspects like school and furthering my education, my motivation comes from trying to make the peope around me proud-especially my parents!

A: What is your current running jam?

C: I listen to a lot of music that most people wouldn’t consider “pump up” music, like country and Bruno Mars, but I obviously one song I will ALWAYS jam to is Some Nights! (our song…best song)

A: What is the best marathon advice you have read or been told?

C: “Do your long runs!!!!” – Audrey

A: What is your favorite memory of us?

C: There are way too many to count, but if I had to pick one, I’ll say last year when you surprised me by driving 4 hours to come to Thunder Over Louisville to see me when we hadn’t seen each other in over a year. I just started bawling (hysterically)  when you Facetimed me telling me you were on your way.

A: We are 10 days out…what is going through your mind?

C: I’m unbelievable excited and can’t stop thinking about the race!!   I feel ready and able to conquer 26.2 miles by your side!!

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