Best Marathon Signs (2/10)

Marathon series day 2!! We are down to single digits…uh crazy!


(Trying to let that sink in.)

One of the BEST parts about a marathon is the people who come and cheer on their community, friends, and family. And, they bring signs!!! I can’t be the only one who likes these. As a casually competitive runner like myself, reading these hilarious signs can change your attitude at different parts of the race. So thank you to all those that makes signs. Here are some of my FAVs:

These are one’s from my last marathon that my roommates made for me:



Today, I want you to meet, Mack. She is my little sister, full time student, and has been such a big help during my training this season.


 Audrey: What does determination mean to you?

Mackenzie: To let nothing give you the excuse to quit.

A: If you could give me or anyone running a marathon any advice, what would it be?

M: Sometimes when you think you need to think-don’t. Sometimes it is better to just be. I say that because I over think every time and sometimes I need to remember that too, you just gotta do what you already know to do.

A: What motivates you every day to work towards your goals?

M: There are people out there who look to me and say I didn’t earn a thing in my life but seeing their faces when I prove I have earned everything …priceless. Knowing I can look toward that moment pushed me to earn it.

A: What is your current running/working out jam?

M: 1D Pandora station.

A: What is your favorite memory of us?

M: All our car rides to Michigan when we were little.

A: What is a healthy goal of your own?

M: Running more through the summer and eating a little healthier.

2 thoughts on “Best Marathon Signs (2/10)

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog but I gotta say, those signs are funny! I’m not sure it’d make the running easier or more difficult but may that’s your intention. 🙂

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