Spring marathon training: do. not. freak. out.

“The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you.”

April 30th, 2016. 17 weeks. 115 days.  Spring marathon training has officially begun! Happy New Year! Happy everyone starts planning their fun and parties around my sleep schedule and long runs!

Okay the last one, just joking. A girl can dream though right?

Back up. 2016? Just taking a moment to let that sink in.

Last week was my official first week of my training regimen. I also ran a 5k on Friday to start the new year on the right foot.  Instead of my 5 mile tempo I did the warm up, 5k, and cool down.  I also had to do my long run Saturday night in the freezing, pitch black. (side note- if winter could hurry up that’d be great).

Race Recap: I did this race to kind of put a statement on the year.  This is my racing year.  I love the atmosphere surrounding a race.  It reminds you why you log all those miles and I needed a revamp going into spring training. I wanted to see where my training was and how I would feel.  I have only been doing base miles and strength training so I knew my kick and my speed wouldn’t be top notch. The race was a little long (3.25)  so my time of 21:30 is absolutely perfect.  My legs felt strong but not fast. My breathing felt great and my core felt strong.  I am so happy that my strength training and mileage is making a difference.

I have a constant battle in my mind. Like, hello Audrey you have 17 weeks to get where you want to be. I have to tell myself, the race is in April, not January. I stress that I’m not where I should be. Then I stress that I’m doing too much.  Trust the training (repeat).

I’ll try and update every week with my mileage and times.  Thank you for anyone and everyone joining me on this journey.  I’m growing and learning!! It means the world to me!! 


10 thoughts on “Spring marathon training: do. not. freak. out.

  1. Ahhhh!! I’m in the same boat. I’m in total agreement with winter hurrying up. Yes. Thank you. A lot of my running is either treadmill or cold and dark. Depressing at the time but for we know there’s spring light at th end of the tunnel!!! Which marathon are you training for?

    1. I’ve been avoiding the dreadmill at all costs but it’s inevitable, right?! I’m training for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon! I saw you’re running the Nashville Rock n Roll! I’ve heard that race is amazing, have you done it before?

      1. I ran Nashville last year and YES!! It’s so amazing!! The course is tough but the crowd support is phenomenal. Plus, I enjoy raising money for St.Jude children’s hospital. I’ve never been to Kentucky before. I must add it to my bucket list. 🙂

      2. I will have to do the Nashville one too!! I did Knoxville, but that doesn’t compare to Nashville’s scene and the charity involved! Good luck, I’ll be following along with your training, so excited to have someone else going through the same thing! The KEntucky derby race is a destination race for me (well if you want to call it that since I have to travel lol).

  2. I agree on the whole winter topic. I don’t much care for winters, anyway. Fall and spring are great, but winter not so much. For so many years, I couldn’t understand what I loved about running, but I think I know now. It’s hard to run with a cracked metatarsal. It’s hard to run with a cracked ankle. But still, a few cracked bones can never keep a person from becoming who he/she wants to be. Running seems to entwine the power of belief into the soul. Every step and the ensuing momentum reminds us the power of Newton’s first law of motion. Outrunning a car through the city streets once again reminds one of the power of desire and will. Nobody can take any of that away from a runner no matter how hard they try. And try they do.

    1. Wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s amazing. It’s hard to understand the life unless you live it. It’s something in our hearts and in our mind. Just love and agree with everything you said.

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