“I Believe In Redefining My Impossible”

“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of “wow I’m not really sure I can do this” and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough. “


 Something about the “new year, new me” saying always has me wired for the next year to come.  I know, “all you need is a Monday,” but I feel like a new year is refreshing right?  It’s like a page is turning, a clean slate, and then things become SO last year!

Reflecting back on this year is extremely eye opening.  Obviously if you follow my blog, you know I ran my first marathon! (HOLLA). I also have this blog to thank for my growth in love of running (if that was possible).  I never would have met or read the most inspiring people or posts to keep me going through my hard running days. I now stand behind two amazing companies, Nuun and Honey Stinger.  2015 shaped me. I’m not the best runner out there but I am so lucky to have people that believe in me that I started to believe in myself too.  I wouldn’t have gotten through that marathon or my marathon of life the past few months without the outpouring love of God, family, roommates, friends, and so much more.

Enter, 2016 (in 4 days).

Alright, alright, now the New Years resolutions.  This year is big. Eeee.

  1. Run a road race a month. I want 2016 to be a racing year for me.
  2. Marathon #2 – Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon (with CaseyR)
  3. Marathon #3 – Columbus Marathon (Krissy this is for you)
  4. Qualify for Boston!! (-3:35…)
  5. Turn 25 (just thinking I’ve made a quarter century…that’s a moment)
  6. Blog more often …sounds easy enough.
  7. Stay injury free…pleeeaaaseee.
  8. Become stronger in my faith.  

Bring on 2016!! Every day is a new day to make yourself better.  The amazing thing about running is you get out of it what you put into it.  What you do leading up to the big moments is what matters and that’s why I love this life.

7 thoughts on ““I Believe In Redefining My Impossible”

    1. That is awesome! I need to get to work planning a few months! I’ll keep up with how your races are going! Are you doing all distances or mostly 5ks?

  1. I LOVE the New Year!! Yes, there is something special about it. 🙂 I too want 2016 to be a racing year for myself so I added a bunch of shorter race distances to the mix. My big goal is Nashville in April. It’s a TOUGH course that will eat you alive but it was my marathon PR last year so I’m aiming for it again. I enjoy the marathon and NUUN! I’m on Team NUUN for 2016 so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a super year. And I wouldn’t classify myself as a “great” runner either but I give it all I got and that’s what makes one truly great. Happy new year!!!

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