Goal Digger!

“Become addicted to constant and never ending self improvement.”

All the people I look up to in this world are successful.  Whether that be successful with money or simply having a life full of love.  Successful with the people they surround themselves with or with the amount of happiness that exuberates from their personality or presence.  I want all of those things, I want to be successful. I have always wanted to be this equation of successful.

I am a “goal digger” (break out Kanye here).  This is what makes people that kind of successful. They have a goal that they never waste a day chasing. Someone once told me; decide what you want, write that shit down, make a f***ing plan, and work for that…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have so many plans, dreams, and ones that I hate to admit I have written down, but haven’t reached the make a plan step.  Yes, I have a life outside of running and goals I try to reach in that aspect of my life. Recently my biggest goal has been related to running though.

This marathoning season, I want to be the biggest goal digger I can be.  I want to see all of my plans make it through to the end.  It’s not as much about what you get achieving your goals as much as it is what you become.  One thing you are taught in the mental realm of running is a relaxation method.  There should be a time when you picture yourself achieving your goal.  For me, I have pictured myself crossing the finish line on April 30th just so excited that I have hit the time I need for a BQ. This could work for any goal. Just imagine the feeling, the emotions, the weather, and the atmosphere or whatever else relates to the goal. It works, I promise. Plus, super motivating.

On the list of successful people I admire are the runners in my lifetime and before.  A crazy quality we have as runners is wanting to be running when you see someone else running.  I want to be running the amount of miles they are and I want to be running in races that they are (aka Boston). I grew up playing sports and learned very quickly that I was not meant to be a sidelines girl. Who would want to just watch? Unless it’s Tennessee football…I will gladly watch that. But, I don’t want to watch anymore runners on TV and only wish I was there, I want to be somewhere in the race and involved.  It’s in my blood. 

 So if you skipped over all of my blabbing just take away that everyone should be a goal digger. Be the biggest goal digger but remember there’s so many ways to improve and you can always do more.  Live your life with a purpose and make a plan.  Every day is new day to chase your dream.

4 thoughts on “Goal Digger!

  1. Don’t look up to me. I ain’t successful. I can run real fast, too. Even outran a cop (for awhile, anyway, til he brought his whole goon squad and dragged me through the gravel ripping my feet up.) I always knew my ability to run would come in handy some day, even if just to piss off a cop.

  2. So true about wanting to be running when you see someone else running – this happens to me alllll the time!

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