What’s Your Fitness Age?

Long gone are the days of being eighteen years old but today, all statistics taken into account, my “body age” proved to be just that!! Insert singing, “I want to be forever young”!


 I participated in a 45 minute evaluation which tested all aspects of strength and my vitals, then was processed through a system using polar technology. Disregarding any other information, being told your body age is the lowest it can be on the scale, pretty much could make anyone’s day!  Getting this baseline now though and then in four months before the marathon will be incredible to see the changes! Athletes, take note because this test provides you with amazing information that will change your way of training and show you exactly what you need to work on.  Non-athletes, take note because knowing your health at the core makes you aware of your high risk factors and help you make changes from the inside out.

The first things that are tested are:

  • blood pressure
  • cardiovascular (OwnIndex assessment)
  • body composition
  • resting heart rate

I have always had extremely low blood pressure and my resting heart rate was also low thankfully from being active. When they did my cardiovascular testing, I got to lay on the table.  You heard me right, none of that running on the treadmill crap with a mask over my face (haha yes even runners get lazy).  I wore a Polar heart rate monitor and then pretty much took a nice mid afternoon 4 minute power nap. My VO2max was .1 ml/kg/min away from being in the elite category.  I asked for a recalculation… .1% off???  As a runner in the stages right before my real marathon training begins this is something I definitely really want to improve.   My body composition, breaking  down my water % and body fat %, is also an area I can work on and will be crucial to improving my times to get my Boston qualifier! You’d think with how many 52 oz Bubbas I drink a day they’d tell me to slow down…but I was on the low end of moderate. Which then makes me wonder how dehydrated people are and don’t even realize.

Next was the strength portion of the test.

  • max push ups (until fatigue)
  • crunches (in a minute)
  • bicep strength
  • wall sit (until fatigue)
  • left & right grip strength
  • sit & reach

Remember those presidential fitness tests in elementary? This brought back memories of that. I don’t know if it is the athlete in me but I get way too competitive for my own good.  Surprisingly, I hit top in my pushups, crunches, left grip strength, flexibility, and wall sits. My legs and arms might have been shaking, but proving that this stick armed runner girl has some upper body strength was successful.  Definitely room for growth on my bicep strength and right grip strength.

My reflection on today’s experience is such a positive one. I walked away knowing my weaknesses and the areas that I need to work on to reach my maximum fitness level and hopefully reach my goals. I also left knowing my strength’s and I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now.  This is the strongest I have been in a very long time and that my hard work is paying off so far in this building base season.  With all the health problems that are becoming common in this world today, getting recommendations for preventative care and knowing your body is life changing. I think it’s so important, as well, that people walk away from this experience encouraged!!



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Fitness Age?

  1. It must be really interesting to get all of that data. This is probably a stupid question, but where did you go for the testing? Was it a local university/college or a health and fitness centre?

    1. Thanks for reading!! I went to a fitness center but I definitely recommend doing it! I think every athlete should be in tune to their body, because everyone is different! Also, in a world full of health problems now it is so eye opening to see what things we can prevent for the future (high BP, diabetes, skin cancer, obesity, etc)! If you ever have a chance I hope you do a test like this!!

  2. It is something I’m thinking about for next year, but I need to find the right place. (There don’t seem to be a lot of places that do it here in the UK). I definitely agree that prevention is best, though 🙂

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