Running the World

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. Go run.

If we were to talk about this past week, the chances of every emotion coming out in random excited noises is highly likely.

 Let’s recap a little:

– finished a marathon…

– couldn’t walk from the marathon…

– started running again…

 (I promise other things happen in my life other than running)

 Ha Jk …

 – then got invited to run a Reebok Ragnar Relay in Cape Cod

Going into the marathon I thought, “this is my moment”. I had the highest expectations of how I would feel after the marathon. I was SO happy, don’t get me wrong. Running a marathon is the best high I have ever been on. I just didn’t have that feeling I thought I would have. It was rushed. Then it was over.

 Sunday. I went back to the drawing board. Reflected. Why didn’t I feel completely satisfied? I prayed for a sign.

 Monday came. I had a long conversation about my future. How my life has altered in the past few months. How running, this blog, and the people that I’ve connected with have come into my life for a reason. Nothing is an accident. Maybe the realization of how great life is was the moment and I was supposed to acknowledge this more. I prayed.

 Tuesday came. Then something remarkable happened. I was asked to run a Reebok Ragnar Relay with Reebok. My first reaction was, no freaking way, ME? Then my next reaction was, yes freaking way, IM GOING. Can’t wait to sport some Reebok and take the most amazing pictures! I mean pinch me I’m dreaming kind of stuff. Can’t be real… Y’all this is my moment. This is it. I can feel it.

 So today I sit here in awe. I have always dreamed of running this world. To see the beauty from a runner’s eye. To meet some incredible people. To make unforgettable memories. I GET TO DO THAT. And I mean, how freaking beautiful is Cape Cod and how awesome is Reebok?


I’ve heard AH-MAZING things about Ragnar Relays. If you don’t know what that race is I’d love to fill you in:

you have a team of 12 people that pile in 2 very decorated vans during the race

this particular Ragnar Relay is 192 miles from Hull, MA to Provincetown, MA

you run in the most beautiful places with people that share the same passion as you do/want to have a life changing experience

-it is overnight and each runner has 3 different legs (so yes you run in the middle of the night)

-you get to call yourself a Ragnarian at the end (no big deal with the lingo)

 So, just like that I’m back to checking my weather app religiously, searching the web of anything and everything about Ragnar Relay and Reebok, and preparing my body and mind for this whirlwind adventure! I can’t wait to share this next weekend with you all! (wait, is it too early to pack?)


10 thoughts on “Running the World

      1. I did Cumberland, MD to DC. Now I want to do the trail ultra in WV in August.

      2. The Cumberland MD to DC version. I’m actually looking at the Appalachian Trail version this August.

  1. This is so exciting!! I am so proud of you! I believe your future holds a lot of new beginnings and fun experiences. Love you girl!

  2. So I double replied. It’s in WV and called the Appalachian relay or something but not on the AT. Still, looks great.

  3. You are an awesome person!! What high targets you have set for yourself! Such an inspiration! Will follow your blog keenly!
    Best wishes, Kaypius

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