Racing in the Rain? (5/10)

There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people. -Bill Bowerman


6 Days  or 135 Hours or 8105 Minutes

until the start of the marathon

Hi, my name is Audrey and I am obsessed with checking my weather app.

It was all hunky dory until the marathon Saturday said (dun dun dun) RAIN.

Okay, breathe.

I mean it did say severe thunderstorms like two days ago, but then yesterday it said sunshine, and today it says just rain with 10-15mph winds. I did say I had a problem right?

So…if it does decide to rain on Saturday morning, THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE. Good news in my book (I’ll regret saying this probably) because 75 degrees and a cool rain sounds fantastic.  To be honest I was getting worried about being hydrated enough. New plan, embrace the rain!

Advice I have seen: wear a trash bag at the start, wear a hat, wear dryfit clothing and nothing cotton, bodyglide/vasoline up to the max, and change immediately after.

Advice I have not seen: what to do with my LONG hair so it isn’t a complete knot at the end. I mean I am highly concerned about this.

If you have trained in the rain it seems to not phase you much.  That’s why training in all conditions works in your favor! For me it is like a more adult version of dancing in the rain.  It seems to bring out a factor of my racing that makes me more driven. I like rain. Rain and I are tight. (I will hold on to these thoughts dearly LOL)  


Today, I would like to introduce a huge reason why I signed up for my first marathon, JENN! She is not only an amazing runner but an even better tri-athlete! She is one of the smartest when it comes to training, dedicated, and most driven athletes I know and am so excited for you all to meet her!!

Audrey: What does determination mean to you?

Jenn: Determination is never giving up even when you think there is no possible way.  Not giving in to negativity.

A: What motivates you everyday to work towards your goals?

J: Knowing that I am doing something that the majority of the world will never accomplish and that some people will never be able to do.  But also joy- of friends along the way, enjoyment of whatever activity (swimming, biking, running…), simply finishing a race, and the list goes on.

A: What is your current playlist jam?

J: Currently I am training without music because I cannot race with music.

A: What is the best racing advice you have ever been told?

J: Slow is steady.  Steady is calm. Calm is fast. (in relation to open water swim)

A: What is coming up on your racing schedule?

J: It is triathlons season..Rev3 Knoxville Olympic distance tri, a couple sprint triathlons, and finishing up with a half distance – 70.3.

A: What is your favorite racing memory?

J: Recently- watching my husband finish his first marathon a few weeks ago even though I wasn’t racing with him. A favorite racing memory for me was the Fall Creek Falls Olympic Tri last fall.  I had my best swim (spent the day before freaking out about the swim), best bike, and even a decent run.  I freaked out for the first 100m of the swim but managed to get myself pulled back together and swam the best swim ever the rest of the way!

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