Determination!! (4/10)

Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.




This marathon season the word that has stuck with me is “determination”.  As you have noticed, I have been asking my spotlight interviewees what the word “determination” means to them.  We are a couple days after the Boston Marathon and I still have chills.  You see, I watched that race and saw determination on every runner in that races’ face. In every interview I heard them speak with determination.  I felt so inspired.

To say that the runners coming back from the Boston bombing had determination to run this race again, would be selling them short.  They showed a trait I can’t even put words to.

Determination – firmness of purpose

The word determination has changed my running.  I went into this marathon training knowing I have run a marathon before so it’s been done.  Now what can I do with it?

I am DETERMINED. (Repeat)


I am honored to introduce a huge running inspiration to me, Jeff! This past Marathon Monday made it his 8th Boston and 31st marathon! He is the most selfless runner I know and anyone who knows him would agree!
I hope you enjoy 🙂

Audrey: What does determination mean to you?

Jeff: Never giving up no matter what the circumstance is.

A: What motivates you everyday to work towards your goals?

J: I enjoy the experience of earning the reward.  Achievement without work is a hollow feeling.

A: What bands get you pumped up to run?

J: Fuel and Dishwalla

A: What is the best advice you have ever been given in regards to the marathon?

J: To run your race.  Don’t run someone else’s.

A: What is one of your racing goals this year?

J: To get back to Boston and run a qualifying time!

A: What is your favorite memories?

J: Finishing the 2010 Boston Marathon with my friend George Roulett as he was finishing his 100th marathon!

A: What is one of your proudest moments to date?

J: Running with someone who doesn’t yet have the confidence to know ho wgood they are and also to run/coach for a cause like Team In Training.

3 thoughts on “Determination!! (4/10)

  1. My favorite piece of ironman logo gear is a t-shirt with “Determination” across the chest with the M being the ironman logo.

  2. Running Boston this year showed me levels of determination I never knew I had – I really had to dig deep to get through it. Thanks for the post!

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