40 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

There is magic in misery. Just ask any runner.

Running is it’s own world.  Runners are their own breed.  This is my favorite list of things every runner can relate to. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Don’t base a run off of the first mile.
  2. Endorphins are way better than any drug.
  3. Imagining the amazing list of things you want to eat after you run is normal.
  4. At the end of a marathon, downhill is just as hard as uphill.
  5. Setting your alarm at 6am just to see the sunrise during your run.
  6. It’s not punishment in our eyes. We love to run.
  7. Your hometown becomes smaller after you’ve run every road.
  8. You also know every public restroom in your hometown.
  9. You’ve stealth peed outside more than once though.
  10. Swallowing bugs and thinking to yourself, “protein”.
  11. Holding your arm as high as you can because you swear your satellite on your watch loads faster.
  12. We actually choose to sit in a bath of ice water.
  13. Running “naked” means without your running watch.
  14. Don’t lie about your racing times, those things are posted on the internet.
  15. Having to pee 5 times before a race. Getting to the line of the race and having to go again.
  16. Running can be a series of mathematical equations to figure out how far you’ve gone and how far you have yet to go.
  17. A snot rocket is sometimes required.
  18. You’ve painted toenail polish where a toenail used to be.
  19. Having more than half of your suitcases filled with running clothes and running shoes.
  20. You’ve also googled where you can run before your vacation.
  21. Singing and dancing on a run is just a sign of happiness.
  22. Starting is always the hardest but you have never regretted a run.
  23. Anything to prevent chaffing. You only forget that stuff once.
  24. Our form of a gym membership is paying for race entries.
  25. We do not “jog”.
  26. “Fartlek” is your second favorite F word.
  27. You’ve blow dried your sweaty hair to make it somewhere on time.
  28. Cheap running shoes do not exist.
  29. You will always run a race and hate your life but the next day start planning your next one.
  30. Running 40 miles a week is fine but we must park closest to the door at the grocery store.
  31. Seeing someone else run and wish you were running at that time too.
  32. Not wearing a race t-shirt until after the race. You need to earn that thing.
  33. Being “Rungry” is a real thing.
  34. Your hourly weather app gets the most action. Refreshing to no end just to know when you can fit your run in between the rain.
  35. Your run comes before other plans.
  36. You don’t stop running until the exact miles. Getting that .1 in at the end of a run is important.
  37. Having rest days but feel so lost without your run.
  38. The treadmill is a last resort type thing.
  39. You secretly race the person on the treadmill next to you.
  40. A bad day can be fixed by a good run.

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