Sunday Should-Haves!

“The obessesion with running is really an obessesion with the potential for more and more life.”

Sunday Should-Haves!! (things you probably should just go ahead and get today).



These are songs that got the most play on my ipod this week.  If you are like me you are always, always, looking for more music to get you through those miles. Steal away friends:

  • Way Down We Go – Kaleo
  • Bring You Back – Brett Eldredge (actually just download the whole album…it is simply amazing!)
  • Blue Tacoma – Russell Dickerson
  • Playing With Fire – Thomas Rhett ft Jordin Sparks
  • Fire Away – Chris Stapleton
       And the throwback download of the week:
  • Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls



How much time do you have for me to rave about these socks? I LOVE THEM.

“Balega” is a Zulu word meaning, ” to move with speed,” and they not only support me and my running but all of the Balega tribe in the U.S. and South Africa!  I always had a problem finding socks that were the right material and also fit my foot in the right spots.  When I was given a pair by my boyfriend before my last marathon, my life changed.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Balega Team Impi member (meaning Warrior) and given the chance to try all of their amazing socks.  I will post some of my favorites later! In the meantime, get a pair from a local running store/the Balega website, and let the Balega’s do the talking…or running!!


Hydration equation solving your dehydration situation!! So try the lemon-lime, or the strawberry lemonade, or the wild berry, or be like me and have four different tubes in your purse (whoops)!!

I thought these were over priced flavored drink tablets until I tried them during a long run.  They have the right amount of elecrolytes, not too sweet, and I feel like my body absorbs the fluids and nutrients faster!  Being a Nuun Ambassador is super easy when you love the product!  I just can’t keep down gus, chews, or any other fun sugary things runners get to use during their long runs so having this product this training season has helped me SO much. Now to devise a plan on how I can still have it during my marathon….go!


Alright, so I’m a little behind on this phenomenon.  As these miles get longer having someone running with you makes them completely fly by.  I don’t have any idea how I did all those miles by myself the last two years. My times are dropping and I am so much stronger than I was having to set a pace by myself! I know you can’t “buy” a running buddy but bribing/begging my sister into biking with me seems like the same thing…haha! I highly encourage you to find someone to run with! Game changer.


My next must-haves will be spring related!! Bring on the warmer weather and shorts!! 8 weeks out from the marathon ladies and gents! 8 WEEKS!!!



One thought on “Sunday Should-Haves!

  1. I always have NUUN! They definitely absorb better. Too much sugar can cause the body to slow down the h2o absorption process so NUUN is great! Have you tried the mango flavor yet? Oh, and running friends are the best. EVER. 🙂

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