Things Runners Sacrifice

You must be willing to make sacrifices at times, knowing that the outcome will be worth it.


I ran my first marathon on March 29th, 2015.

A year ago TODAY.

      The week of my marathon I was so freaking nervous. Understatement: I was so freaking scared/incredibly excited/could have peed my pants every second of the day/so many more emotions. Like seriously, I WAS GOING TO RUN A MARATHON. It felt like a long shot reality that I still couldn’t grasp… I have to finish 26.2 miles. Spoiler alert, YA GIRL FINISHED.

I ran a 20 miler…falling over with 9:20 pace. I cross trained…a couple times if you count hungover biking at the gym. I ate good…the nights I didn’t eat Mexican chimichangas.

All I know is at this time last year … I was a MARATHON FINISHER. Where’s the 5% that can say that?

This year though, all my marbles are in. Count ‘em up because I ran my 18 miler at 8:30 pace. I do strength about 3 times a week. And my diet rocks yours out of the park. I still have a long ways to go but I’ll be damn if I am not going to give it everything I have on April 30th.

Let’s be serious though… I have and I know all you runners/marathoners out there give up A LOT to build status as a runner. It’s not all medals and pretty pictures!!

Things you need to just be prepared to give up when you decide to run a marathon:

  1.  Late Friday Nights: If you even want to think about having a good long run, you need your sleep. Actually two nights before you need your sleep. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll be tired Saturday night. And during the week you’ll want your sleep. So I would just plan on going to bed early every night. Trust me sleep rocks.
  2. Saturdays: Might as well give these up too, once you start to get up into double digits you’re talking two to three hours of just running on a Saturday. For me that doesn’t include driving to the place I want to run, stretching, running, stretching, driving home, showering, and then even considering doing anything else the rest of the day sounds like a lot of work. Am I right?
  3. Junk Food/Greasy Food – Food is fuel. Also, food is energy. Giving up the bad stuff makes a humungo difference. This also ties in with weight and I didn’t think I would have to mention what happens on a run after you eat badly. Runners all know too well the poop cramps. Take my advice and just give all that up.
  4. Sleeping In: Getting in your miles means you might just have to wake up early instead of sleeping the day away. Trust me I was a little critical of this one. Ever seen the sunrise while running, you’ll never want to sleep in again. Whether this means 5:30 am or 7 am … if you have a busy day chances are you’re better off getting your run in early. Make time for what you want.
  5. Having Cute Feet: wait, I once had pretty feet? I don’t remember. Toenails…gone. Tan lines…wait you don’t have socks on? Blisters…get used to them.
  6. Money: Did you know marathons range from $75 to $250? Then shoes to train in. Then proper clothing, socks, underwear, etc. Running watches. Whew…annnnd I’m broke.
  7.  Feeling Like a Million Bucks: Chances are you will feel like you took a beating at all times. Just wait, tapering is your moment to shine!
  8. Sanity: Mentioning you are running a marathon and people all of a sudden think you are drunk and have lost your mind.  Um, no I was just drunk when I paid the race fee and signed up. JK, I love to run.


8 thoughts on “Things Runners Sacrifice

  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes. I am running my first half in 18 days. This sums up exactly what I am feeling right now. The excitement is there, but I really just want it to be behind me so I can get back to life! I just want to not feel tired and sore, and sleep in on a Saturday. Or make plans on a Saturday morning!

  2. So so true! I’ve never run a marathon (stupid running injury) but I can say that I felt the same way with half marathons. It’s crazy how much my life has to change when I’m training for a race, and it’s even crazier that I like it that way! I’d rather be training for a race than staying up late and eating like crap anyways…well, most of the time 🙂

  3. Brilliant Audrey!
    I have finally signed up for my first full marathon! Its on 1 November here in New Zealand.
    I’ll be starting up a new blog soley focusing on my running training so will surely be following again you when I’ve set that up.
    Keep the writing up, your tips are hugely appreciated.
    30th is coming up pretty soon! Go girl x

    btw… I’m loving your blog theme!

    Carly Alexandra

    1. Aw I am so happy you have decided to do your first full!! Enjoy every moment of the journey and I can’t wait to follow it on your blog!! Please let me know when it is up and running because I would love to read it!! Also, let me know if you have any questions!! We are in this together!! Thanks girl for all your sweet words!! 💗

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