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Running Must-Haves!!

You want to know what is SO cool about running?? All you really need is a good pair of running shoes and a motivated personality! Lace up and hit the road, Jack!

The health benefits of running should be enough motivation to run but let’s be honest, with super cute running clothes, all the popular activity trackers, and hot tracks to jam with, how could you not want to be a runner. Here is a list of my favorite running accessories:

(*Side note- shoes are number one in importance but that calls for its own blog so enjoy the other perks 😉)

1. Nike+ Sportwatch ($104) – This Tom Tom GPS watch is ah-freaking-mazing!! I used to be old school and write down all my runs, times, and run feelings in a book. This just put my book charting to shame and every runner needs this watch! I chose the Nike watch because I already had a Nike+ account and love the website and how easy it is to keep my records, view my runs, and even set my own goals! The GPS is quick to load and if I lose signal I have a Nike+ chip in my shoe pouch (oh, that’s what that weird gray thing on top of my shoe is) that will continue to track my run! Something about finishing a run knowing how many miles I ran, my pace, and how many calories I burned pushes me even harder. Welcome to the club if you run back and forth when you have the .94 and you can’t stop-won’t stop until you reach that next full mile marker.

 2. iPod Shuffle ($50)- Music… Hallelujia!!!! Some days I think I would die on my run without it much less even go in the first place. I have tried my phone in an armband and I have tried my iPod touch in the back pocket of my shorts.  I have tried every form of music and which way to wear them until I got an iPod shuffle. Super basic but clips on my waist band, lightweight, compact, and plays my music all the same! The arm band restricts my arm movement and especially for a Marathon who wants to lug their heavy phone around? I change my running music way too often to even care that it doesn’t hold my thousands of songs and if that is a concern you have I promise this little change of a lighter option makes a big deal!

3. Yurbuds ($30) – I was so sick of fixing my earbuds every five seconds or putting them back in every mile. Problem solved: Yurbuds! I am obsessed because the sound, comfortability, and the fact that they never fall out, SOLD. They even come in cute colors! (Secret- these make such a great gift or stocking stuffer!)


 4. Bubba ($12) – I couldn’t write a blog about must haves and not include my Bubs! This thing goes everywhere with me and if you are a runner, hydrating is key! I have the 52 oz one but Bubbas come in all sizes and colors! It is remarkable how long my water stays cold in this thing and it’s a fact that you drink more water when you drink with a straw, win win!!

5. The stick ($25) – Your sore legs’ answered prayer right here! I love the foam roller as well but this seems to be more convienient for traveling! It’s awesome for getting out that lactic acid after a hard run or to losen up before a race.

6. Flip belt ($29) – I, of all people know the struggle of having to carry things because you have no pockets for your keys, phone, iPod, guus, and whatever else. The flip belt came in so clutch and soon I had a spot for everything. It’s for those days when you need a lightweight option for all your things, especially on long runs, and it doesn’t ride up!!!

7. Runner’s Mace ($15) – This might save your life one day! I get so nervous running on paths, trails, and even roads no matter how populated. It’s small and light enough to carry. This mace might not be much but it’s definitely a safety blanket! Im just looking out for your safety so this might be worth investing in!

8. Anti Monkey Butt ($5) – I have found the solution to your chaffing! This powder (comes in lady and regular) has become one of my running necessities. The worst feeling in the world is out running and your shorts start rubbing wrong or your thighs decide you don’t have that thigh gap anymore and you start chaffing. Ouch! This stuff changed my life and my running form is more fluid when I’m not trying to avoid chffing!

Running is loved by so many people because of its simplicity. You don’t need any of these things to be a runner or go running! Enjoy the sport, these things are just added bonuses!!

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